I first noticed this talented guy in his band, the Roby Duron Band, playing at the Rock Inn. Then I saw him playing at the Lake Hughes Community Center during 49er Days. Then I happened to see him several times playing in Neil’s band, Bullfrog Blues. Then I had the pleasure of seeing him play acoustic at the Rock Inn with Nick Gordon. I think that was the order….not sure, now that I think about it.


It doesn’t matter, I was hooked ! When I hear he is performing somewhere, I do my best to be there ! He is a pleasure to know, his wife, Tanya, is beautiful, his children are charming. He plays clubs in Ventura, and many other places too. If you have an opportunity to hear this musician magician, by all means, take advantage of it!! You will be glad you did.


Roby Duron was awarded “Best Blues Guitar Player 2008” by Rock City News – Los Angeles. Roby Duron was also a top finalist in Guitar Center’s National Guitarmageddon contest in 2005. Here’s what others have to say: “Squint while watching… and you’ll swear he’s more famous than he actually is.” -Matthew Singer (on Roby Duron), VC Reporter .. “Duron worked the crowd like a pro, running the entire length of the stage as he played his high energy blues rock, pausing only to make guitar face grimaces when bending notes or smile at the girls in the front row.” -Chris Gill, Guitar World Magazine .. “Many show up to hear the guitar pyrotechnics of the Roby Duron Band, a totally tight trio… and it’s a wonder the Christmas lights don’t explode.” -Bill Locey, The Star -Ventura County


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