Vintage Clothing

I love old clothes. I fanatically love vintage clothes. Some of my vintage clothes were new when I bought them. Ha!

One of my favorite pastimes (when I have time !) is going to the stores on Melrose, such as American Vintage and Jet Rag on La Brea. I see so many things that I used to wear and wish I’d kept. Other things I see, I used to have and just plain wore them out and turned ’em into rags.

Another fave place of mine is the Goodwill in Santa Barbara on the corner of Carillo and Bath St. I have found many cool things there. What the rich folks give away is astounding. I’ve found some fantastic things in the Salvation Army in Chico. They have a seperate store dedicated to “Elite Repeat”; some great finds in there!  I could list many more places I’ve been to in my travels up and down the whole state . I check them all out, in the time I have, at one time or another. Many terrific places in Oregon too.

Now we have one in Lancaster ! On the BLVD ! Vintage Styles Now, it’s called. This past Saturday (Mar.12th) I went to their booth at the Almond Blossom Festival to check out their merchandise. From the small sampling they had there, I was very pleased. I bought a funky man’s jacket that I love. It’s bright, colorful, and I love the pockets on it. And it’s for me, not my husband ! Paired with a t-shirt and jeans, I love how it looks. Can hardly wait to check out what else they will have. And I can do it right here in Lancaster, right down the street from my business

Be sure to check them out. You will find something you love too.

Graphic Experience 661.945.1718 624 W. Lancaster BLVD