Easy Rider Art

http://www.graphic-experience.com/ Jim Leonard presents the Art of Easy Rider. Jim has been collecting memorabilia from the 1969 Film “Easy Rider” starring Peter Fonda, Jack Nicholson, and Dennis Hopper. The collection includes props, hundreds of never before seen photos and the actual helmet worn by Jack Nicholson. Kinetic Brewing Company will serving micro-brewed original Antelope Valley beer. The event is free and open to the public.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Happened to think of this proverb when I saw this.

‘Let sleeping dogs lie’, means for one to not disrupt a situation that is going well as it will lead to problems.

It’s hard for me to catch my dog sleeping. As soon as he hears me, he is up and wanting to play!

Lancaster BLVD Music

http://www.graphic-experience.com    661.945.1718

Krystal San Miguel shows us her talents on the BLVD piano in front of our store @ Graphic Experience, 624 W. Lancaster Blvd.

Our Great Customers! Reviews of the best Framing/Art Gallery in the Antelope Valley


Tickling the Keys

We have a fantastic piano right outside our store that is attracting a fan club. As we go about our busy day, all of a sudden, WE HEAR BEAUTIFUL MUSIC ! People, young and old, of all levels of talent, stop to play. We hear jazz, rock and roll, simple pecking, and everything in-between.

This guy was pretty great and really enjoyed himself. I did too ! The City of Lancaster had a great idea!


Graphic Experience 661.945.1718 624 W. Lancaster BLVD http://www.graphic-experience.com/

The importance of the hand written note

In this day of the social media revolution, cell phone texting, etc., the hand written note is rapidly becoming obsolete. Yet, how many of us still really appreciate getting that special card with a special personalized note written in it?

I know I do.

How many of us still have those special notes tucked away in a drawer to be taken out and looked at again and again ?

I know I do.

I really treasure the ones that are from people that are no longer on this earth and am really glad that I have saved some kind of communication from them, to see their handwriting again. It makes me “see” their hands and faces again.

I personally regret not saving more of the things that my mother wrote. I have plenty of things that my father wrote and I’m glad I still have those as both of my parents are long gone. I have a sister that has passed and I printed out her last e-mails to me and have kept them but it’s NOT THE SAME! I wish I had more things with her writing on it.

Anyways, the moral of my story is: in this age of rapid communication, please don’t forget to take the time to do something the old-fashioned way, WRITE a card or letter to someone you love. They WILL cherish it !!!


Graphic Experience 661.945.1718 624 W. Lancaster BLVD http://www.graphic-experience.com/




Graphic Experience: photos, fine art, certificates, posters, needlework, mementos…

Edwin is a man of many talents, his work needs to be seen in person to be totally appreciated! We are pleased to have a special display of his works here in the Graphic Experience.  Come visit us.

Edwin, a self-taught artist and poet was born in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, in 1964. As a child, he grew up surrounded by art and color. Some of his first influences were Rodolfo Galeotti Torres, Oscar Sarmientos, Carlos Merida, Efrain Recinos. and many others.

His personality and style are represented in his art. His goal as artist is create something that makes you, the viewer, pay attention. He wants to captivate you with something different, colorful and exciting.

Most of his art pieces speak about everyday life situations: it is honest, free-spirited, colorful, and profound. His art pieces are unique and in no way intended to match anyone’s furniture !

His studio is located in Rosamond, a small community 80 miles north of Los Angeles.


Nunca se lo dije Tata Lalo

en un tiempo cuando apenas se formaba mi destino

cuando buscaba héroes ficticios

y necesitaba alguien que su cariño me diera

usted estaba presente

vino a mi vida cuando mas lo necesitaba.

El dĂ­a que el todo poderoso ponĂ­a a prueba su fe

su fortaleza

me dio tanta tristeza

por no estar a su lado,

pero aĂşn de lejos

en mis oraciones le decĂ­a lo mucho que lo quiero.

Es mi destino

es mi martirio

el nunca estar cerca de las personas que amĂł

cuando se enferman

cuando se mueren

es que acaso es mi castigo

este maldito destierro.

Tata, gracias por permitirme conocerlo

por hacerme parte de la familia

por sus sonrisas

por sus ejemplos

en mi libro de la vida

usted es una Ceiba

es libre como el Quetzal

fuerte cĂłmo el hormigo

valiente heredero

de la tierra de Occidente.

Esta no es una despedida

es mi forma de decirle lo mucho que lo quiero

pues ha sido como un ángel guardián

el padre que todos hubiesen querido tener.