A Surprise Advantage of Socialnomics

The other day I received a phone call from someone, whom I did not know, looking for a friend of mine – Jim Seargeant.  He said he has been looking for him all over the internet and couldn’t find him. He said the only way he could find him was through my postings of him on my site! Through ilivetoday, amazingly enough!  He gave me his # and asked me to give it to Jim. He wants Jim to do some custom woodwork for him, has had him do some in the past and wants more done. He didn’t have Jim’s current cell phone number.

I called Jim and he was tickled I had another job lined up for him! Only through ilivetoday and Jim Greenleaf did this happen. It proved the power of having a great internet presence and “cloud”.

The Graphic Experience now has a HUGE “cloud”, with the sun shining right through! It’s going to become even bigger and brighter!!

It’s been an amazing learning journey, this whole social networking journey. It has great power and great advantages. Through daily postings, tweets, blogging,”liking” ,”commenting”, and posting photos and videos, my “cloud” has grown! I’ve made new friends, become better friends with the ones I already had, found old friends,  and have become even more aware of how people are inherently GOOD people ( at least the ones I surround myself with !) in cyberspace and otherwise.The world has become even more accessible! I can visit the Eiffel Tower, chat with friends on the East Coast or in Europe (in “real” time), listen to great musicians, all with the stroke of a key.  I truly enjoy this “New World”.



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