Lovejoy Buttes – A Gorgeous Area!

Looking around at one of most beautiful areas in the high desert that is relatively a secret, I’m glad not many people know of it ! I have complete privacy whenever I am out there.

There are beautiful cottonwoods, gorgeous blue skies, and an abundance of wild life. My dog loves to try to chase all the lizards, snakes, and rabbits. I hang on to his leash tightly when he spots them! There are still plenty of wildflowers left. I need to take Rich Breault out there so he can tell me the names of all of them. Plenty of the most dainty little pink flowers, plenty of primrose still left and lots of a pretty little yellow flowers that are new to the scene! Some late bloomers…

Best of all, I don’t have to get in a car to get here.

I walk out my front door, cross the street, down the dirt road, and I am in desert heaven. I climb up and down the hills. I get wonderful views from the top of the mountains. It’s truly a great place to be.

Another fun aspect of living here, is the ravens. The ravens just love the butte area. I think the air currents created by the rocks give them a wonderful area to play in. There are always playfully flying around and are a treat to watch. Some of them sit perched on a joshua tree watching us approach until we get pretty close. I must get my camera ready for a close-up someday!

To those people who fail to see beauty in the desert, you are missing out! To those who want to hike somewhere different, come with me!


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